Day 20: A 4 Day Box Kit for Your Organization!

by | Mar 22, 2022

We have put a lot of thought and care into the whole process of how to put together a 4 day box, including:

The nitty-gritty of what you need, organization-wise, to put together a box campaign in your town, including requisites of space, people, etc…

How to set up social media campaigns for the box project

How and where to grow your network for clothes and children’s items donations

Practicalities, like shoe and clothes sizers to know what sizes the donated clothes are and for what age child they might be appropriate.

If you are interested, please contact Anne-Liese and tell her about your setup, organization, and anything else you think is pertinent. We want to make sure to set you up for success in order to help these refugees in the best way possible. Our idea is not just for Ukrainian refugees, but could obviously be used to help in many crisis situations. No commercial entities, please; we are doing this for charity.





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