Day 21: We Are Grabbing A Cab

by | Mar 23, 2022

WeTaxi is getting us out of a tight spot.

Being that we are in a pandemic, well hopefully we are at the end! -Entering Italy you always have to get tested for covid. This also applies to the refugees arriving.

Those that test positive are being sent straight to quarantine hotels. This can pose quite a few problems especially for families coming with small children.

We have been running boxes around the city at all hours of the day. Posing some logistical challenges as we don’t all drive.

Cue WeTaxi! They have given us a sponsored account, so now we simply use the app to get a cab that will take our boxes anywhere in the city that the quarantined family is staying.

WeTaxi we are your fans! This is so easy and practical. THANK YOU!





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