Day 24: Wonderful Volunteers!

by | Mar 26, 2022

Names: Victoria Sng,Christine Chin Hong, and Munirah Bafana

Nationality: Malaysians

How did you hear about this project?
Heard this from WhatsApp.

What work have you been doing?

Donating,carrying donations,packing donations although we wish we could do more.

What sort of volunteering have you done before?

In South East Asia, the refugees come from Palestine,Syria,Yemen,Somalia and Rohingya so we have been part of the various donations drive conducted by schools, universities, mosques, churches, temples and gurdwaras which will always try to rope in students to help them out.Different charities have different goals and scales so it has been interesting to see how different organizations conduct different models of charity according to their unique needs to meet their different goals.Glad to have been able to see how The 4 Day Box has blossomed quickly to respond to the current Ukrainian crisis! 

The best part about volunteering

The happiest people are always those who are able to be of benefit others so to be able to become part of an effort and reason refugees are able to find resources after having to endure such a terrible fate makes us happy beyond words.Kudos to the organizer and volunteers for this wonderful project! Keep going! 

Opening up to any nationality who needs a box:
We are for it because any child deserves a chance to look decent and not suffer from bad decisions of leaders or parents.Childhood is their only true chance at being happy.😊





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