Day 54: Wonderful Volunteers!

by | Apr 26, 2022

Name: Merry & Diehl Boggs

Nationality:  Texas, USA

How did you hear about this project

We heard about the 4 Day Box project through The International Women’s Club of Torino

What work have you been doing for The 4 Day Box?

My husband and I have done several things for the project; sort clothes, make boxes, find and box winter clothes, hand boxes out, and whatever is needed. We have worked with this project for about 5 weeks.

What sort of volunteering have you done before?

We have volunteered  at hospitals, aquariums, and schools.  

What’s the best part part of your experience with helping out here?

The best part of helping is that in a small way to let the Ukrainian families know we care and we support their struggles. Also, to let the world know this war is wrong

How do you feel about the idea of opening this up so everyone from any nationality who needs a box can have one?

We support the belief that this project can help all people who need a helping hand.





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