There are many ways you can help with your time, also if you are unable to come during weekdays. Here are a few, but do not hesitate to reach out with more ideas!


Our boxes go out to all areas of Piemonte, at times in large quantities, this happens both in the evenings but also weekends. We would be very happy to have you in our group  of people we can call on.

Please contact Jamie: 339 571 7970


We pack boxes Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00

During those hours you can come help for an hour or a whole day, whatever fits your schedule, absolutely every little bit helps.

Please contact Jamie: 339 571 7970


We are looking for people to help us write blogs, messages and our outreach programme.

Please contact Annelise: 3478934019


If you can help by getting individual boxes around within Turin we would love to have you join us. At times families are sent directly into quarantine at hotels and we need to get them boxes. Usually this is one or two boxes at a time.

Please contact Jamie, and she will add you to our deliveries volunteer group: 339 571 7970


We support the Urkrainian Consulate getting boxes to where the refugee transport busses arrive. This is generally within Torino Comune. Can we at times call on you to help? A car such as a stationvagon or SUV is great. We have a Whatsapp group that we reach out in

Please contact Jamie: 339 571 7970


Do you have a truck or a large van and can help us at times?

Please contact Annelise: 3478934019

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