Day 37: Wonderful Volunteer!

by | Apr 8, 2022

Name: Cláudia Thomé Bichara 

Nationality: Brazilian

How did you hear about this project: I was looking for a group to help.  A Brazilian friend, Cleide recommended the place to me.  Went and found this loving team!

What have you been doing at The 4 Day Box: Driver, organization of boxes, collection of donations, reception of Ukrainians to help as possible.

What sort of volunteering have you done before this: In Brazil.  Group of young people, children and teenagers.

What’s the best part of your experience helping out here: First of all… the loving and polite way I was received.  And according to the possibility of helping someone without knowing who.  The objective is to help… solidarity.

I think that in all parts of the world there is always someone in need of help and there is always someone who can help.  I will always be available for a better world and may it be LOVE IN EVERYTHING!





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